ZB Family Gathers in Malta Together with Tai Cloud Corp and Ausvic Capital to meet Junior Minister Silvio Schembri

  • Posted2019-01-30
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Following a successful week in Davos, ZBX gathered the ZB family at its headquarters in Malta together with the blockchain technology development company Tai Cloud Corp and the investment firm Ausvic Capital.

As part of the tour on the island, the business delegation also had a private meeting with Junior Minister Silvio Schembri at the Office of the Prime Minister in Valletta. The meeting was arranged in order to discuss the future of STO licensing in Malta. The delegation also met with regulators and lawyers.

“Just like in the case of business innovation, it is time for the small country to disrupt the big ones,” said Co-Founder and CMO Jimmy Zhao commenting on the successful meeting.

Being able to list STOs is central to ZBX’s extensive go-to-market plan which involves becoming licensed by the financial authority under MiFID II. The new trading platform is based on the same state-of-the-art infrastructure and proven technology as ZB.com, being operational since 2013.

Pioneering the market by going live in a regulated environment, ZBX is now providing a deep pool of liquidity for European users, in accordance with regulatory requirements that the exchange need to abide by during the transitory period prior to being fully licensed.

Regulation of the crypto sphere is seen as an essential pillar to make sure that consumers are protected and that investor funds are kept safe, as the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies and the evolution of the sector depend on it.

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