Santa working past the holidays as ZBX launch a 40,000 EUR airdrop for the first 8000 users to receive the ZBX token

  • Posted2019-01-04
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Over the Christmas holidays, ZBX has launched its airdrop giving away tokens worth of 40,000 EUR to the first 8000 users that sign up. The first 8000 users will receive 50 XT (ZBX tokens) each for a total value of 5 EUR per user.

ZBX is aiming to become one of the first security token exchanges in the world. ZBX is backed by which is one of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, now looking to expand from China into the world market making them the largest exchange in the world. ZBX is already up and running and has offices in Malta, Sweden and China.

ZBX tokens will function much like how Binance use their tokens. ZBX will also introduce a tier trading program and referral program so that you can grow your referral revenues from the ZBX exchange. This will entail a full-blown ecosystem where you will be able to use the ZBX token as a means of payments through the ZBX prepaid debit card for free when you hold a certain amount of ZBX tokens.

ZBX is also working on offering all customers access to Swiss bank accounts upon being a customer with ZBX. The exchange is near closing this deal, which will become welcome news in the crypto sphere as no one else is able to offer this service.

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