ZBX Co-Founder interviewed by Korean national TV and M-ECONOMY on the current crypto markets and trends

  • Posted2019-01-07
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During a recent visit to Korea, the Co-Founder and CMO of ZBX, Jimmy Zhao, was interviewed by the CEO of the Korean news site M-ECONOMY regarding the current crypto markets and trends to watch out for as we enter 2019. As part of the visit, Jimmy Zhao also met with the CEO of the Korean national TV, MBC, for an in-depth conversation on establishing a special economic zone in Korea for regulating and developing blockchain enterprises.

As a champion of blockchain regulation, this is a message that ZBX is vigorously promoting across the world as it is necessary for the healthy development of the sector, along with consumer protection. ZBX Beta is already open for registrations although it will not be open for trading until late January 2019. It accepts deposits and withdrawals in EUR and USD, and also holds tradeable fiat pairs as well as stablecoins in both currencies. Additional currencies are expected later in 2019. 

Over the Christmas holidays, ZBX has launched its airdrop giving away tokens worth of 40,000 EUR to the first 8000 users that sign up. The first 8000 users will receive 50 XT (ZBX tokens) each for a total value of 5 EUR per user.

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